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How to Migrate FreePBX server to a new server

-Install FreePBX on New Server
-Run a full backup on current server
-Deactivate the license on the current server –
-Activate new server via SSH – fwconsole sysadmin activate deployementID
-Run a restore on the new server using the backup file from step above
-Change External Address from Settings > SIP Settings to new IP Address
-Update Firewall settings with new IP Address

Unifi Controller Java CPU 100%

If java is using too much CPU you can try the following modification. I was using a 1GB Memory droplet from Digital Ocean, but I needed to upgrade to 2GB to be able to make this adjustment.

While I didn’t make this additional adjustment, Unifi says you can enable a high-performance garbage collector with the following setting.

It looked good for about 4 hours, but then it spiked to 100% again. I tried upgrading MongoDB, so we will see

Update Unifi Controller on Linux

If you have a controller on a Linux box, use the following commands to update the system and install the new update

Dynamic IP IpTables Update

Steps after FreePBX distro installation

After you use your custom image to install freePBX, you will want to do a couple of things.

  1. Reset the root password(root/password)

2. Connect via SSH and disable password ssh connection