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Github publickey denied

If you ever get a publickey denied error while trying to setup a github repo on a hosting account follow these steps.

  1. Create a new Public/Private SSH on server
  2. Copy public key and add a “deploy key” on github
  3. Add your privatekey to the git config

How to change file permissions after SVN UPDATE

I was frustrated because SVN takes umask to assign file permissions for the user and I had one file that needed different permissions to run. After researching for a while at the best approach, I decided to create a 3 line bash script to do change the file permissions afters the svn update.

I named the file so running bash from shell changes the directory to public_html, updates the files, and then changes the permissions of the index.php file.

This is not meant to be an elaborate solution, but hopefully will point someone to a direction quicker that it took me.