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Composer Memory Limit Issues when updating/installing

If you run into memory limit issues while trying to use composer, you can disable(or limit to a higher limit e.g. 1024M) with via the method below.

Installing WHM/Cpanel on Digital Ocean

After you setup your centos droplet, you can do these steps. Make sure your hostname is a FQDN.

1. Change Root Password

2. Update Server

3. Add user

4. Modify SSH Settings

5. Disable SELinux

6. Setup a SWAP file

7. Install PERL

8. Install screen and wget

9. Install Cpanel

Once it is complete, you can access WHM from your hostname, or droplet IP on port 2087

Use Rysnc to sync remote directory to local directory

Linux commands for deleting files

.htaccess redirect from one site to another while maintaining the directory structure