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How to duplicate | copy a Magento Database with SSH

I was a bit hopeful with phpMyAdmin “Synchronize”, but Magento’s databases are apparently too big for it because I ended up with white screens and partial uploads.  I resorted to using SSH and doing it over command line.  Two lines of code and you can export from your live database and import into a production database.  Here you go. Export   Import Hopefully saved you some time and frustration 🙂

How to change “Date Modified” in Windows with PowerShell

I was doing some development locally and needed to change the file time on some files so I could delete certain files in a directory.  Below is the code I used to change the files modified time: Hopefully you find this as useful as I did!

Couple of useful Powershell commands

Write all contents of folder to a .txt file.  Helpful if you have a folder of images and need a .txt list Recursive find query.  Super helpful to find code snippets within a local project  

Suspicious process running under user

I was tired of getting WHM email for processes that I was very much aware that were running.  You can add these to the ignore file to relieve the excessive emails.  Mine happened to be a php program so the syntax is as follows.  Open up the file and add: then you just need to restart the service for your changes to take effect.  

How to Install SSL from SSH

This is more of a reference for myself to come back to, but if anyone else needs the details here they are. This was for ubuntu so structure may be different depending on setup. Ensure SSL is enabled Generate CSR Request (Which will create private keys and csr) in etc/ssl/private Move CSR to Certs Folder Secure Copy Certificates from Desktop to server If you need to bundle the certs use Edit VHosts for Port 443 Check vhosts config Restart Apache Verify it worked