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Laravel Homestead Database Export and Import

SSH into your homestead box and run the two commands to export or import your databases via the Aliases below. or

Move Large cPanel Account to new Server

I had an account that was over 100GB in size, and it would not transfer to a new server via the GUI. Step 1(current server): Step 2(new server ):  

Find Image name from Excel Cell

The formula below will give you the image name from a cell string

Install Sphinxsearch 2.3.2-beta

Installing on a fresh DO instance.  

Install Sphinx Search on cPanel

Move into /tmp directory and get latest release.  You can get the latest release from Uncompress Create directory Enter the Uncompressed directory Configure to use the directory we created above and to use mysql and postgresql Build Create Configuration File Create Start-up Script Make Script Writable Start the Service Create chkservd file Add to /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf Restart Tailwatch