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Install Sphinx Search on cPanel

Move into /tmp directory and get latest release.  You can get the latest release from Uncompress Create directory Enter the Uncompressed directory Configure to use the directory we created above and to use mysql and postgresql Build Create Configuration File Create Start-up Script Make Script Writable Start the Service Create chkservd file Add to /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf Restart Tailwatch  

Free SSL from cPanel for WHM Server/Services

WHM » Service Configuration » Manage Service SSL Certificates

click “Browse Certificates” and use “Browse Account: root”.

You should see a certificate for your ‘’ and the Issuer column should say: cPanel, Inc.

If you do not see this, and they all say Issuer: “Self signed”, then go into SSH and run the following command:

You may have to run it a few times as the first time you run it, it usually says about putting the SSL into queue until it runs again, so running

a second time, will have it actually generate the SSL.

Then go back to Manage Service SSL Certificates in WHM and select the cPanel, Inc issued SSL, and check the 4 services boxes and then click install.

Steps for restoring FreePBX with backup

  1. Install OS – Choose NO Raid if using Hardware raid
  2. Visit Restore Page in GUI – http://IP/admin/config.php?display=backup_restore (will need to setup admin user after #1)
  3. Upload Back-up (Make sure voicemail and unavail messages are present for the extensions – /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/EXTENSION #/
  4. Setup Gmail Voicemail SMTP –
  5. Setup the Cron JOB back up to auto delete message after x days

FreePBX SMTP voicemail with Gmail

  1. Add the following lines to /etc/postfix/ file:
  2. Create the file /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd with the following contents:
  3. Restrict permissions on the postfix file:
  4. Hash the file into a .db that Postfix will read:
  5. Change the owner of the sasl_passwd to the postfix user:
  6. Reload postfix:

EasyApache4 install extension