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Excel Compatible Partnumbers

WHMCS Oauth userinfo.php not working

I was trying to incorporate SSO in Freshdesk with WHMCS, but because WHMCS requires passing a query parameter = access_token instead of using the Authorization header, this is what you need to do to make it work.

1. Reveal Authorization Header in .htaccess

2. Use your own oauth-intermediary.php where you take the header and send the query parameter that WHMCS is expecting

3. User your new as the new userinfo.php URL when requested

Loop Spreadsheet and Update image height/width

Github permission denied from cPanel

For some reason cPanel private keys are needing to be manually added for it to connect to github properly

Also, I ran into an issue where the ssh-agent was not running and needed to be restarted with

Composer Memory Limit Issues when updating/installing

If you run into memory limit issues while trying to use composer, you can disable(or limit to a higher limit e.g. 1024M) with via the method below.