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Commision Junction and Shopify with CJEVENT

Add this code to within your theme code

Add this code to your additional scripts area

FYI – Apparently since responsive checkout the liquid {{order_number}} is different from the order number in your admin panel. So, if your order number in your admin panel is 98777141384, the order number sent to commission junction might be 1384 (last 4 digits of full order number), so you will need to prepend 9877714 to the OID

Finding the Google Places Reference String

The illusive Reference String. A client needed to pull their reviews from google and after research I found out that I needed to use the getDetails() method to gather this information. Upon going to their API docs, I was left with this

This method takes a request, containing the desired Place’s reference value.
If only they told you how to get the value…ugh… After playing around with it, I found that the textSearch() method included this value in its response. I put together a client side script that uses a jQuery geocomplete plugin to get the lat/lng to pass the textSearch() method to retrieve the Reference String. You only need to know the address of place you are searching for.

I am not going to provide the script for it, but if you view source you can pull the appropriate code. ——> Find Google Places Reference String Now