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Dell Laptop wifi connection slow?

After hours of debugging, I finally found the issue with wireless speeds, and it happened to be a piece of software. Go to your add/remove programs and look for ‘smartbyte drivers and services’. It happened to be limiting a laptop I was working on to 12MBPS. I removed it jumped to 200MBPS.

Commision Junction and Shopify with CJEVENT

Add this code to within your theme code

Add this code to your additional scripts area

FYI – Apparently since responsive checkout the liquid {{order_number}} is different from the order number in your admin panel. So, if your order number in your admin panel is 98569141384, the order number sent to commission junction might be 1384 (last 4 digits of full order number)

Use Rysnc to sync remote directory to local directory

M2E additional columns in grid

Linux commands for deleting files