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How to duplicate | copy a Magento Database with SSH

I was a bit hopeful with phpMyAdmin “Synchronize”, but Magento’s databases are apparently too big for it because I ended up with white screens and partial uploads.  I resorted to using SSH and doing it over command line.  Two lines of code and you can export from your live database and import into a production database.  Here you go. Export   Import Hopefully saved you some time and frustration 🙂

Magento + Get Backend Variables = getStoreConfig

Well I had finished a custom PayPal payout module for a client in my test environment, and had to incorporate it into the Magento interface. After research, I found the code to grab the information I needed was


I thought the next logical step for me was to go into the XML file in the CORE PayPal model to find the ‘sectionName/groupName/fieldName’ hierarchy in the config file. After being frustrated with how nested the config file was, I turned to the database core_config_data, which quickly gave me the information I was looking for.


Now I can use getStoreConfig to extract the data