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Magento 2 Remove version signing static files

M2E additional columns in grid

Get around M2E “The only common (presented in all Attribute sets) “Text Field” or “Dropdown” Attributes available for selection.”

Change function around line 170 in app\code\community\Ess\M2ePro\Helper\Magento\Attribute.php from: to:  

How to duplicate | copy a Magento Database with SSH

I was a bit hopeful with phpMyAdmin “Synchronize”, but Magento’s databases are apparently too big for it because I ended up with white screens and partial uploads.  I resorted to using SSH and doing it over command line.  Two lines of code and you can export from your live database and import into a production database.  Here you go. Export   Import Hopefully saved you some time and frustration 🙂

Magento + Get Backend Variables = getStoreConfig

Well I had finished a custom PayPal payout module for a client in my test environment, and had to incorporate it into the Magento interface. After research, I found the code to grab the information I needed was


I thought the next logical step for me was to go into the XML file in the CORE PayPal model to find the ‘sectionName/groupName/fieldName’ hierarchy in the config file. After being frustrated with how nested the config file was, I turned to the database core_config_data, which quickly gave me the information I was looking for.


Now I can use getStoreConfig to extract the data