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Magento 2 Remove version signing static files

Yahoo! Store Themes Demos

Running the theme manager and the variable guides to the themes can be found here

Commision Junction and Shopify with CJEVENT

Add this code to within your theme code

Add this code to your additional scripts area

FYI – Apparently since responsive checkout the liquid {{order_number}} is different from the order number in your admin panel. So, if your order number in your admin panel is 98777141384, the order number sent to commission junction might be 1384 (last 4 digits of full order number), so you will need to prepend 9877714 to the OID

M2E additional columns in grid

Get around M2E “The only common (presented in all Attribute sets) “Text Field” or “Dropdown” Attributes available for selection.”

Change function around line 170 inĀ app\code\community\Ess\M2ePro\Helper\Magento\Attribute.php from: to: